2021 consisted of a series of panels considering how record labels, the live music community, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and artists can play a part in continuing to green the music business and use their power to encourage action from fans.

Climate Music Blowout has been curated in partnership by Music Declares Emergency, Adapt and Bird On The Wire.

Stay tuned for a bigger better 2022 Blowout!

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What The World
Is Waiting For


(Global President, Downtown Music)


Karen Emanuel

(Key Production)

Drew Hill

(Proper Music Group)

James Stafford

(Republic of Music)
Moderated by

Nigel Adams

(Full Time Hobby, MDE)

From the raw materials of vinyl to the packaging of our albums and CDs, the music industry faces challenges in creating artefacts that don’t damage our world. 

As vinyl sales increase and physical product reaffirms its place as a key driver of industry income and artist discovery, our panel asks:

‘Can we make green products, deliver them in a sustainable way and, is sustainability a priority for fans?’


Claire O’Neill

(A Greener Festival)

Bethan Riach


Amelie Snyers

(Village Underground)

Alex Bruford

Moderated by

Chiara Badiali

(Julie’s Bicycle)

Live music has been vocal and forthright in its collective efforts to recognise environmental impacts and sustainability issues within the sector. From plastic bans to tent recycling, green power to living walls and roofs, festivals, venues, agents and promoters have joined the conversation. 

Our panel considers the advances that have been made, the targets that have been announced and the strategies that are necessary to realise a zero carbon live sector.


Will Hutton

(Beggars Group)

Peter Quicke

(Ninja Tune)

Lucy James

Moderated by

Greg Cochrane

(Loud & Quiet, Sounds Like A Plan)

As record labels embrace sustainability and the idea of a zero emissions record company becomes reality we ask:

How can labels work together whilst recognising competition to create a zero-carbon sector and promote sustainability?


Kaiya Milan

(Artist Manager / CEO The Floor)

Ross Patel

(WholeEnt / UMA)


(Glassnote recordings artist)
Moderated by

Fay Milton


Artists have been at the forefront of change on social issues throughout music history but speaking on climate comes with its own particular challenges. 

With artists committed to using their influence to raise the profile of the conversation, our panel considers the challenges to artists standing front and centre in support of action on the climate emergency and the solutions to removing those barriers.


Marina Blake

(Founder Brainchild Festival)

Provhat Rahman

(Founder Daytimers)

Nate Agbetu

(Co-Founder Play Nice)

Eilidh McLaughlin

(Co-Founder Clean Scene)
Moderated by


(Josie Tucker & Richard Ashton)

Exploring the potential future of the music industry, if members choose to place climate and/or community at the forefront of their decisions. We are joined by an amazing panel of pioneers whose ventures amplify voices and create opportunities for change.

Sustainability in
the digital realm

giles drew

(State 51)

Eco Friendly NFT’s

MIKE walsh


Quotes from our

panel sponsors

Key Production

“Key Production are proud to sponsor the panel “Go Your Own Way” at Climate Music Blowout . We have always been passionate about maintaining a sustainable business as part of a sustainable industry. We want to continue to use our experience and knowledge to keep awareness of best environmental practice uppermost in everyone’s minds.”

The Association of Independent Music (AIM):

"The independent music community recognises the urgent need for us all to respond to the climate crisis. Our community includes some prominent activists who work tirelessly to inspire and motivate change. They are already making a difference within their own businesses and the wider industry. AIM engages on this crucial issue of social justice through our Climate Action Group. We are proud to support Blowout and hope that it will help create much needed discussion and engagement with this critical issue."

PRS for Music

"Andrea Czapary Martin, CEO, PRS for Music, said: ‘PRS for Music is proud to support the inaugural Climate Music Blowout conference and live show, which will engage the music community in how it can take a leading role in responding to the climate emergency. PRS for Music is focussed on how it can positively deliver its sustainability initiatives and support the wider industry. We look forward to exploring the challenges and opportunities for music businesses, creators, and fans and how we work together to create innovative solutions for a greener industry, and planet, for everyone."

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